Frank & Co

Engagement Luxury Casual Custom

Frank & Co offers a beautiful selection of jewelry for every occasion. We design and fabricate quality, custom pieces, and offer high-end services to keep your favorite items looking as dazzling as the day you bought them.

We are currently working to customize and perfect our online catalogue, so that we can offer the same superior shopping experience online as we do in-person. Until then, please visit or storefront in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Timepiece Experts

We have a watchmaker on site five days a week. We offer battery changes, cleaning, regulating movement, crystal changes, band/strap adjustments, and link addition or subtraction.

Repairs & Restoration

As a master bench jeweler, Frank precisely restores your treasured pieces. We want the jewelry you love to last a lifetime.

Custom Engraving

We offer meticulous engraving services that provide an extra layer of sentiment to your gifts and purchases.

We specialize in bringing your vision to life by building you a custom piece of jewelry. We hand make all custom items in house.